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Yash Suryavanshi, a name that resonates with financial acumen, political engagement, and social responsibility, has carved a unique path for himself. Born on August 30, 2003, in the remote village of Chiplun, Maharashtra, Yash’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned Financial Consultant and Philanthropist is nothing short of inspiring. His remarkable expertise in investing, trading strategies, leadership skills, and unwavering commitment to social work have earned him a distinguished place in the world of finance and beyond.


Full Name:Yash Rajaram Suryavanshi
Nick Name:Yashraj
Profession:Finance Consultant
Known For:Political Engagement, Investing Expertise, Entrepreneurship
Date of Birth:30/08/2003
Age (as in 2023):20
Place of Birth:Chiplun
Father:Rajaram Suryavanshi
Mother:Sunita Suryavanshi
Education:Bachelor Of Business Administration In finance, Bachelor Of Technology In CSE
Alma Mater:NMIMS University, University of Munich Germany
Organization:Technocyber Finance Consultancy
Weight:80 kg
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius

Early Life:

Yash’s upbringing in a family of government teachers instilled a strong sense of discipline and hard work from a young age. Despite facing societal criticism for his relatively low marks in the 10th board examinations, Yash held fast to his passion for the stock market. Even as a child, he displayed a keen interest in financial markets, which led him to complete a stock market analytics course at the tender age of 18.


At just 18, Yash began trading in the stock market, showcasing his exceptional talent and shrewd understanding of market trends. His prowess as an investor soon led him to become a leading angel investor in local startups. Yash’s ability to foresee opportunities in the crypto market made him a sought-after consultant, especially for young investors looking to venture into this emerging sector. Additionally, his expertise extended to advising business owners on international market investments, helping them expand their financial horizons.

Yash’s leadership skills became evident when he was appointed Chairman of the Student Council at MAHE University. His thirst for knowledge and global exposure took him on an internship journey to the United States as a programmer, further enhancing his skills.

Currently serving as the Managing Director & CEO of Technocyber Finance Consultancy, Yash has successfully managed numerous financial ventures, making a significant impact in the financial world. Furthermore, his philanthropic endeavors have touched countless lives, as he serves as the Chairperson of the Rajaram Charitable Trust.


Bachelor Of Business Administration in Finance from NMIMS University

Bachelor Of Technology in Computer Science Engineering from Munich University, Germany (pursuing)

Diploma in Corporate Finance from Yale University

Family & Affairs:

Father: Rajaram Mahadev Suryavanshi

Mother: Sunita Rajaram Suryavanshi

Sister: Nikita Rajaram Suryavanshi

Relative: Kaustubh Jangam



Money Factor:

Net Worth:5 Cr+
Salary / Income:6 Lakh/Month


Playing Chess




Apart from excelling in the financial world, Yash’s true greatness lies in his dedication to social causes and philanthropy. His political engagement started at an early age when he worked as a volunteer NCC cadet in Kashmir for three months. Representing Maharashtra, Yash had the privilege of visiting the Parliament House as a National Volunteer. His contributions to India’s global presence include attending the Foreign Expo Summit in Dubai as a Chairperson and the Investors Summit in Saudi Arabia as a Trading Consultant.

Despite his busy schedule, Yash remains actively involved in social work. As a volunteer for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in Karnataka, he continues to make a difference in the lives of many. Yash’s heart of gold shines through his donations, as he provided 500 oxygen cylinders during the COVID-19 pandemic and contributed to relief efforts for the Kedarnath and North East floods. His compassion extends to the elderly, as he volunteered at an old-age home in California.

Yash’s benevolence extends to funding projects for handicap children and students living below the poverty line, reflecting his commitment to uplifting society’s marginalized sections.

  • Media tech sponsored Trader Of The Year
  • Korea Investment Compony Prominent Financial Consultant of the year seoul
  • Hongkong Hackthon 2017 Programmer of the year
  • Apollo Groups of Hospitals Social Activist of the year
  • Global Pride Awards 2023 Young Enterpreneur of the year
  • MTTV India Global Icon Of the Year2023

Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/y_a_s_h_u__the__coolboy2003?igshid=OGQ5ZDc2ODk2ZA==









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