Youngest Indian Coach Appointed as Sports Quota Recruiter


At the age of 24, Ajhar Anwar Khalape’s appointment as a sports quota recruiter under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports stands as a remarkable testament to his unwavering dedication and hard work. His selection for the prestigious December 2026 recruitment cycle underscores his commitment to excellence in the realm of sports, showcasing a narrative of perseverance and passion that defies age barriers. Khalape’s journey serves as an inspiration, highlighting that determination and ambition pave the path to success, regardless of one’s age.

In his new role, Khalape recognizes the profound impact of opportunity, particularly for young athletes striving to leave their mark in the sports world. With humility and insight, he emphasizes the significance of this golden opportunity for burgeoning talents within the sports community. Khalape’s message resonates with encouragement and optimism, urging young sports enthusiasts to seize the moment and tap into the potential offered by this unique platform for advancement.

Through his own experiences and achievements, Khalape emerges as a beacon of inspiration, offering guidance and support to those who dare to dream big. As he embarks on his journey as a sports quota recruiter, Khalape’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and opportunity reaffirms his enduring passion for sports and his unwavering belief in the limitless potential of the human spirit to overcome obstacles and soar to new heights. He encourages aspiring athletes to submit their national and international certificates, marking this as a golden opportunity for players to embark on transformative career paths.



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