Adarsh Jha and his Firm A1Proptech are Offering You Guidance from the Ground to Advance-level in Four Basic Fields including Digital Marketing and Real Estate. Check Out!


Do you know about the four basic needs of a human being, while living in a society? if not, then this article is going to provide you with the appropriate needful knowledge, from the ground level.

Adarsh Jha, A digital marketer from Raipur, Chhattisgarh is working to establish his brand in the market. Adarsh is one of those youths who wish to set up something on their own.

Besides being a digital marketer, he is also a real estate consultant and marketing expert. Currently, Adarsh is engaged in establishing his self-made firm A1 Proptech.

Proptech is composed of two terms Property (Real Estate) and Technology (Digital Marketing). Proptech includes all the tools used in real estate and marketing.

Adarsh found A1Proptech 5 months ago, intending to offer four core and basic needs of humans:



•Real Estate, and,


Adarsh Jha founded the firm A1Proptech, which has the tagline “only one or the number one”.

His firm is working to understand the problems of clients in these four fields mentioned above and to provide its solution as a service. A1Proptech aims to solve queries starting from the basics/ ground level. It is a guide for people and is dedicated to understanding, and solving problems by figuring out the needs of the market and helping the clients, technically.

It is the first startup in India that is working on all four core needs of human beings.

Adarsh is working to make people understand every aspect of these four fields.

Currently, Adarsh and his firm are working on real estate and marketing (digital marketing).

He chose these two before, based on priority, and soon the firm will start working on the agriculture and textile sectors.

Adarsh says he never wanted to make a place on the billionaire’s list. He believes that his values define him not his net worth. Adarsh started his brand not to do business but with a wish to serve society through his services. He is active on Instagram and youtube where he is guiding consumers regarding marketing and real estate.

So, if you want ground-level to advance-level guidance in marketing, agriculture, real estate, and textile, and also if you want to associate with Adarsh regarding other sectors like Agriculture and Textile you can reach out to him on his social media handles, his Instagram page is a1_proptech and his youtube channel is ” Marketing Talks with AJ ” .