Allocation Of 100 Companies of Central Force For Tripura Polls


Going accordingly to the Election Commission of India, about 100 companies of central force have been allocated for Tripura polls. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has taken 100 companies of central armed forces for the upcoming elections. Forces are very important to keep while elections as elections are near.

Tripura has about five companies of CRPF, that are already granted for election duty. Apart from this, the 95 companies of CRPF will be from other places. As the complaints for safety purposes are increasing rapidly, the Election Commission of India has taken a decision. The central forces will mobilize adequately even bore the announcement of polls. Doing this will prevent any sort of attacks from happening during elections.

From the sources, the information is out that the forces will be coming from the December end week. And by January’s first week forces will arrive completely. Prior to the announcement of the schedule for the election, all the forces will spread around the area. Ravideep Singh Sahi is the chief coordinator of the central armed forces of CRPF Tripura.

MHA further said that more forces will be provided according to the demands. Elections must go safely without any restrictions or hindrances.