BJP Scheduled Caste Morcha Started Campaign to Restore SC Voters


BJP schedule caste Mocha started a campaign to restore support of scheduled caste voters. Ruling BJP has launched a special drive to retain its voters of the scheduled caste.
The Scheduled caste voters overwhelmingly voted in favour of BJP in 2018 elections.

The arty also gives special emphasis on restoring the Rajnagar SC Reserve seat, the only among the ten SC reserve seats that the party could not win in the last election. The national president of the BJP SC Morcha Lal Singh Arya started his campaign from that constituency on Saturday. He did started this campaign, keeping an eye on Rajnagar.

He addressed a public meeting and gave a call to ensure BJP’s victory in all the sixty assembly seats. He was accompanied by the BJP state president Rajib Bhattacharjee, in his drive.

In his speech, Rajib Bhattacharjee attacked CPI(M) and Congress for misguiding the people and trying to shake the stability of the state.
He also added that that they may try but the people of the state have already decided not to allow them to create disturbances.

The party has a massive campaign to make the meeting a success but the attendance was not much and it is learned that the central leader also was not happy and instructed the party workers to contact each voter and convince them.