Complete Blackout in Bangladesh Due to Grid Failure


Electricity has come to a standstill in almost the whole of Bangladesh due to grid failure. The government’s electricity utility company said at least 130 million people in Bangladesh were without electricity on Tuesday afternoon, as a grid failure caused widespread blackouts. According to the Electricity Development Board, soon after 0800 GMT at 2 pm local time, more than 80 percent of the country was hit by a sudden outage. Due to this, huge resentment is being seen among the people there.

Agency spokesman Shamim Ahsan told AFP that apart from a few places in Bangladesh’s northwest, “there is no electricity in the rest of the country.” Ahsan said 130 million or more people were without electricity and it was not clear who was at fault. Cause it happened. It is still under investigation. He said a possible reason for this was a technical fault. Junaid Palak, Junior Technology Minister, said on Facebook that electricity would be restored by 8 pm in the capital Dhaka, where more than 22 million people live .