CPI(M) Leader Manik Sarkar Criticized Agnipath Scheme


While speaking at a party programme in South Tripura’s Rajnagar senior CPI(M) leader Manik Sarkar said that the Agnipath scheme will encourage anti-India forces and it will also weaken the Army internally. 

He termed the said scheme ”an act of enmity to the country”. Explaining the scheme in his own words, the former chief minister asserted, ”If 100 Agniveers are recruited for four years, 75 per cent will be shown the door and only 25 per cent will be retained in the armed forces after the completion of their tenure.” 

Sarkar further added, ”Where will they go after four years? There is no answer”. He termed the scheme as an act of enmity to the country and said that , ”It will weaken the Army internally. This will bring danger to the country. The anti-India forces will be encouraged because of it”.

CPI(M) leader further criticized the Centre over unemployment and said that the unemployment problem has crossed a 50-year record, while public sector undertakings (PSUs) are being sold. 
”How will lakhs of educated youth get jobs if PSUs are sold? This is totally against the youth of the country,” Sarkar added.