Diarrhea Outbreak In Tripura: 58 Total Cases


There is an outbreak of diarrhea in Tripura in Belonia. Many children and women fell ill due to diarrhea. All the affected patients are admitted to Miacherra Primary Health Centre. The disease is spreading in the South Tripura district of Bharat Chandra Nagar of the Belonia sub-division.

Through the sources, the Sub-divisional Medical Officer Dr. Bimal Kaloi said, “There is nothing to fear about such diseases being seasonal. We have reports of such cases from different parts of the area. Since the number of patients is higher in the Maicherra area, special health teams from Belonia had been sent to the health center for treatment of the ailing persons.”

Doctors said that in this season it is common and is not very serious. Often such diseases start spreading at a higher rate which is also normal and not a big deal. Everyone must be able to tackle such situations. All those people who are affected by diarrhea are recovering slowly. This is a manageable issue, and people should not worry about it.