Is This The Beginning of AAP in Tripura?


Today on 12th August 2022, Aam Aadmi Party organized a program of cleaning plastic items at Gandachara Bazar under 44 RaimaValley Assembly followed by a Bazar Sabha on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day celebration. The State Convenor of AAP Tripura Shri Suman Laskar and State Executive Members Shri Prabir Kumar Kalai, Shri Supen Chakma, and Shri Biswajit Das were present along with around 25 volunteers of AAP from 44 RaimaValley Constituency. The State Convenor conveyed that we should collectively resolve to have a single-use plastic-free Tripura in the coming future. He also stressed that Indian politics along Tripura need to be cleaned from corruption.

The other speakers stressed the local issues of Gandachara and 44 RaimaValley at large. The volunteers also distributed party leaflets to the public who were present. There was a good response from the common people who enquired about the party and also filled up the membership forms. AAP is gearing up for the upcoming village committee election across Tripura.