Mahesh Sharma Reached Tripura, BJP’s ‘Booth Vijay Abhiyan’ Will Start From October 28


The ruling BJP has intensified its enthusiasm for the elections to be held in Tripura next year. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, state in-charge MP and former Union Minister Dr. Mahesh Sharma reached Tripura. It is noteworthy that on Friday, the ‘Booth Vijay Abhiyan’ of Tripura BJP is going to start, which will be started by Mahesh Sharma.

According to the information, Mahesh Sharma reached Tripura on Wednesday evening. Here he was welcomed and after that he met many senior leaders. Mahesh Sharma kept meeting the party leaders till late evening and tried to know the atmosphere. He himself gave this information by tweeting.

He told that after reaching Tripura, he met V.Satish State President, Rajiv Bhattacharya General Secretary Organization, State Vice President Amit Rakshit and Smt. Moushumi Das and other senior workers. During this, he talked about the preparations made so far and the upcoming preparations. It is noteworthy that this is Sharma’s second visit after becoming the state in-charge.

Tripura BJP is going to start booth victory campaign in the entire state from October 28 i.e. Friday. Under this, this campaign will be started in three thousand booths of the state. According to BJP sources, during this time the party will keep the account of the work done in the last four years in front of the people.

The Chief Minister has been saying earlier also that we will keep the account of our tenure of four years in front of the public. The main objective of this campaign is to take the work of the government to the people. Senior state level leaders have been engaged in this to reach the last person of the state about the work of the government.

According to sources, many other campaigns are to be launched after this campaign, which will be started after several central leaders reach Tripura in November.