Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Miscreants attacked news reporter for recording poll rigging


Tokma twimase sal koro phano koktwma thumnairog bujakmani sal koroliya. Salburum burumno kwrwngsaya kwrwngsa thaio bujakmani thakliya.

23rd June 2022 salmari Sangrongsalo haino hai The SOCIAL BANGLA ni koktwma thumnai Subham Debnath bokhorok phatiri bujakkha Bubagrakhor Agartala ni Passport Office ganao. Bujakmani logi logi mobile sekporoui bike-rogbo bokhokjakkha. Paithago bujakma tei bokhorok phatimano twiwi bini sakno nainani bagwi bono Saknainogo rohorjakkha.

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