New Rules For Driving License, Driving Test Not Required


Getting a driving license has become very easy now. Now, no need for a driving test to get a driving license as the center notifies new rules for drivers.

Some rules have been changed by the central government, after which the common man will not need to visit RTO for a driving license.

A driving test is not required for DL to get a driving license, you no longer need to make rounds of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) or stand in long lines.

The central government has made the rules for making driving licenses very easy.

According to the amendments made in the rules for driving license, now you will not need to give any kind of driving test by visiting RTO. Must go to driving school and take training.

According to the information given by the ministry, now you will not have to wait for the test in RTO to get a driving license. They will have to take training from Driving Training School and pass the test there, a certificate will be given to the applicants by the school. Based on their certificate, the driving license of the applicant will be issued.