Revenue Officer’s Body Recovered in Dhubri Boat Accident Case


A boat capsized on Thursday, 29 September in Dhubri district of Assam. Officials said the boat was going to the Brahmaputra river. There were at least 50 people in this boat. Several people on board were missing when the boat capsized.

In this accident, 30 people including the revenue officer were drowned. Out of which more than 20 people were rescued with the help of SDRF and diver. At the same time, 6-7 people went missing. Whose search was being done by the team of SDRF and diver for the last 72 hours. So there, the body of Revenue Officer Sanju Das has been recovered after 72 hours have passed.

Around 30 people went missing after the boat capsized on September 29 in the Brahmaputra river, out of which more than 20 people were rescued. The information about this accident was given by Gyanendra Dev Tripathi, CEO, Disaster Management Authority of Assam. He had told that as soon as the information about the accident was received, the top officials reached the spot and the team of SDRF, NDRF and police personnel has started the search operation. The boat that has fallen victim to the accident is an indigenously built mechanical boat.

Officials have said that after the boat capsized, some people saved their lives by swimming on their own, while search operation has been started to find those who could not swim. At that time it was told that 6 to 7 people including Revenue Officer Sanju Das are still missing. According to the news of news agency ANI, after 72 hours the body of Revenue Officer Sanju Das has been recovered today on 02 October.