Tripura Is On Top For Jobless List In Northeast


A report published by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) stated that unemployment in Tripura increased to 17% in May-August against the drastic drop in the national average to 6.43%.

Unemployment is the highest in Tripura among all northeastern states. This was followed by Jammu and Kashmir and Haryana with 23.8%, 23.2%, and 22.9%.

Lowest among all Chhattisgarh was the lowest with 0.1% in September followed by 0.4%, Uttarakhand with 0.5%, Madhya Pradesh with 0.9%, Gujarat with 1.6%, Meghalaya with 2.3%, and Odisha with 2.9% according to the data.

The opposition blamed the current government of Tripura for the rise in the unemployment rate. They also claimed that the rate of rural development is getting less and less including MGNREGS.

Congress President Birjit Sinha said, “The BJP government is doing everything on paper but in reality, its performance is zero. Before coming to power, BJP promised to give 50,000 jobs annually and now after four and a half years, only 12,000 have got jobs, including engagement in outsourcing agencies. The scope of local employment is practically nil as there are no development activities in the state.”

Sinha also claimed that GST compliance and the “Other Premature economic reforms” brought by Narendra Modi. Every day people are losing their jobs and getting involved in smuggling and other anti-social activities, he added.