Tripura: Scuffle Breaks Out Between Police & STGT Job Aspirants; Over 50 Injured


A protest was led by the job aspirants in Tripura on Monday. Sadly, the peaceful protests took a turn when police and security personnel used the lathi charge. More than 50 qualified protesters were injured during the violent intervention.

The Incident occurred before Tripura’s education minister, Ratan Lal Nath, on Monday. The event became a political war in the blink of an eye, as the opposition party attacked the government for being so brutal towards the protestors.

The opposition party claimed that it was a complete injustice because the protesters were only looking for what they deserved. One of the protesters, Biplab Bhowmik, informed the media that the rally outside the residence of Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath expected to meet the minister once.

Nath assured the aspirants that their demands will be fulfilled soon. He also said that recruitment files that are held up will soon be processed, the protester added. However, the minister went out of his residence without talking to any of the aspirants.

Despite maintaining peace during the protest, the police, the CRPF, and the TSR were accused of canes on the people assembled. Three people were rushed to hospital after being seriously injured, while two others were seriously injured in the hand, Bhowmik said. Surprisingly, a pregnant woman was also beaten by a policeman and a man fractured his leg during the episode.

Leaders of the political parties, CPI (M), Congress, and Trinamool congress visited the IGM hospital in Agartala where the victims were admitted. Jitendra Choudhury, CPI (M) Secretary of State, said that this is by far the most brutal government that has ever existed.

The youths of the state have been harassed in the past five years. He further encouraged STGT candidates to raise their voices in a democratic way and ensured that parties supported them.