100 years of trust in Jaipur: The royal taste of Panna Lal Kulfi Wala’s Shahi Kulfis


The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is as famous for its pink walls and grand palaces as it is for its delicious cuisine. When it comes to the flavours of this city, Panna Lal Kulfi Wala’s shop definitely comes to mind. Panna Lal Kulfi Wala’s shop was established in 1923 and since then it is located on Jaipur’s Amer Road. This shop has kept people spellbound with its Shahi Kulfi for the last 100 years. This shop is very popular among the locals and tourists of Jaipur. Panna Lal Kulfi Wala’s Kulfi is made in a special way and only pure milk is used in it. Kulfi here is not just a dish but it is an important part of the soil of the city of Jaipur.

Panna Lal Kulfi Wala Private Limited serving the taste of Shahi Kulfi for more than 100 years in Jaipur

A symbol of the Rajasthani culture and specialty of Jaipur, Panna Lal Kulfi Wala is a symbol of a precious tradition that has been continuing for more than 100 years. The Shahi Kulfi made at this shop is not only known for its aroma and taste, but the customers here also feel its historical importance. Panna Lal’s Kulfi is made in a special way, which combines purity and taste. People come here with their family and friends and have a unique experience that connects them with the historical and cultural heritage of the city.

Unique taste of different types of Kulfi and Sugar Free Rabri at one place

Panna Lal Kulfi Wala Private Limited shop is famous for its excellent Kulfi and Rabri. The Rabri here is especially popular. The specialty of Panna Lal Kulfi Wala’s Rabri is its high consistency and excellent taste, which is made from high quality milk and khoya. Sugar-free rabri is also available here, which is suitable for diabetic patients.

Panna Lal Kulfi Wala Private Limited shop offers many types of kulfis, such as dibba kulfi, matka kulfi, ton ton kulfi, milk rose, shahi rabri, lachcha rabri, and kesar rabri. The prices of kulfis are also very reasonable, starting from just Rs 35 and the price of shahi rabri goes up to Rs 750 per kg, which shows its high quality.

The biggest specialty of Panna Lal Kulfi Wala’s shop is that people of all ages, from children to the elderly, everyone can enjoy their favorite kulfi and rabri here.

The most famous kulfi in Jaipur city, at Panna Lal’s shop

The taste of Panna Lal Kulfi Wala’s Shahi Kulfi and Rabri is unique. For 100 years, this shop is famous for its special method and pure ingredients. The kulfi and rabri here use high quality milk and nuts, which makes it taste amazing.

The texture of the kulfi is soft and creamy, which melts in the mouth. The shop has a friendly atmosphere, and customers are welcomed lovingly. According to the owner Ravi Tank, their kulfi and rabri do not spoil for 15-20 days, which is a sign of purity.

Both the locals of Jaipur and tourists like to visit this shop. Once people taste the kulfi and rabri here, they become crazy about it. Special types of kulfi and rabri are made on festivals and special occasions, which are very much liked.

Panna Lal’s “Shahi Kulfi” and “Rabri” have made this shop the identity of Jaipur. Tourists definitely share it with their friends and family, and it is included in every tourist’s list.

If you too want to taste the most famous and 100 years old traditional Kulfi in Jaipur and also want to take distributorship and dealership with Panna Lal Kulfi Wala Pvt. Ltd., then contact on the given number (+91 7014011370, +91 9314080800) today.

Panna Lal Kulfi Wala Private Limited : Where tradition and taste meet.

Website: http://www.pannalalkulfiwala.com/

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