1128 Polling Stations As Sensitive In Tripura.


The elections are just around the corner in the state of Tripura .Therefore, the preparations of the elections can be easily seen in the state. Rallies, increased securities have become a common sight here.


The polling booths were analysed in order to figure out the sensitive ones. It revealed that 1128 polling stations were found vulnerable .According to the Chief Electoral Officer, only 54 complaints have been received this year instead of the 370 complaints that were received ahead of the 2018 polls.

The Chief Electoral Officer of Tripura, Kiran Dinkarrao Gitte stated on Wednesday that 1128 polling booths were identified as sensitive . They have increased securities for these seats. The analysis of the situations of the polling booths was done on the basis of the previous years historical data on polling percentage and violence. They stated,” We have identified 1128 sensitive polling stations . These includes 1100 vulnerable booths and 28 critical booths.”

In the last assembly elections, 370 complaints were written and were received from across the state. This year , only 54 complaints were received . The actions were though taken immediately on them.

600 complaints were received through the C-Vigil app. 480 of them were resolved. Kiran Gitte, the Chief Electoral Officer stated. In the past few days, some of the incidents took place that were of violence. A BJP activist was stabbed , a TIPRA MOTHA supporter’s murder took place. Assault on the workers of the ruling BJP and the opposition CPM and Congress.


For the upcoming elections in Tripura, the securities have been increased . Security personnel at the polling stations will arrive starting February 9. Gitte ,however did not reveal about the total number of personnel to be deployed.

The inspector general of law and order stated,” If any such procession takes place and police do not stop it , departmental action will be initiated,”.



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