12th Fail Book Review Written by Anurag Pathak


Manoj’s journey faced its initial challenges when Dushyant Singh, the SDM of his district, thwarted a plan to cheat in the 12th-grade Mathematics exam. Despite Singh’s warning, Manoj’s academic performance suffered. The second encounter occurred at a cricket match where Manoj hoped to impress Singh, the chief guest, but financial constraints barred his entry. A pivotal moment transpired when Manoj’s elder brother’s tempo was seized, leading to a night in lockup. Seeking guidance, he approached Singh, who redirected his focus toward the PCS exam. Determined, Manoj shifted his approach, passing the 12th exam without resorting to cheating.

Moving to Gwalior for college, Manoj juggled studies with odd jobs due to financial hardships. An encounter with Anshu, a PCS-selected girl, prompted him to aim for the UPSC Civil Service Examination. Relocating to Delhi’s Mukherji Nagar, he overcame numerous challenges, including financial struggles. Despite his friend’s advice against love, Manoj’s relationship with Shraddha became a source of motivation and support throughout his journey.

Facing financial hurdles, Manoj persevered and ultimately achieved his dream of becoming an Indian Police Service officer. The book encapsulates this inspirational tale in 170 pages, a compelling read for those seeking motivation, especially individuals preparing for competitive exams. Manoj’s story serves as a testament to the transient nature of life’s challenges and the enduring power of determination and love.