500 Internal Server Error: Cloudflare Outage Disrupts Many Services Globally


Popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cloudflare is experiencing an outage which has led to several services like Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, Omegle, and Discord going down.

Including our own website Borok Times was down for couple of hours.

The service has acknowledged the “widespread issues” and is working on a fix.

Several users on the internet are seeing a “500 internal server error” message. This happens when a web server is experiencing problems. Several platforms and apps, such as Medium.com, Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, Discord, etc. rely on Cloudflare’s CDN for providing web services.

The company, on its website, said that it is investigating the issue. Updates on the website revealed that a critical P0 incident was declared, which disrupted Cloudflare’s network in broad regions. “Eyeballs attempting to reach Cloudflare sites in impacted regions will observe 500 errors. The incident impacted all data plane services in our network,” the company stated.

Within a few minutes, the company stated that the issue had been identified and a fix is being implemented.