A Man Declared Dead by The Police Was Found Alive


A man returned home and finds his post-death rituals going underway by his father.

The incident took place in West Tripura’s Kalibazar area, a 22-year-old man named Akash Sarkar, had gone missing last month. On his return on Tuesday, he found that his ‘Shraddh’ ceremony was about to begin.

On June 3, a body was found floating in a lake near Melarmath under West Agartala police station. When the locals found the body, they immediately informed the police. After the initial inquiry, it was found that the deceased was a resident of Kalibazar, who went missing last month. Accordingly, the police contacted Akash Sarkar’s family informing them about the recovery of his body.

“Akash’s father, Pranab Sarkar, rushed to GBP hospital and he identified his son’s body after seeing his bag, containing his trousers and tablets”, Mohanpur Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) K B Majumder said.

The father, however, claimed that it was the police who had pressurized him to identify his son’s body and take it for disposal.

“I repeatedly told the police that my missing son’s appearance did not match with the body fished out from the lake. The cops insisted that due to drowning, the body had swollen. Indeed, the bag containing tablets and the trousers which were found with the body were those of my son but he was not so healthy,” he claimed.

Later, Police Officer (SDPO) K B Majumder said, “Since it was a case of mistaken identity, we will investigate the matter and do the needful.”

Akash said he has been residing near Battala bridge and recently he had met one of his sisters there. He was called by his sister and asked him to come home soon and after returning home he found his ‘Shraddh’, a post-death ceremony being underway by his father.