A Man In Tripura Killed His 3-Year-Old Son


A man killed his 3-year-old son and buried his body near his home in the Baldakhal area in Agartala Tripura. The man’s name is Shayamlal Das. As soon as the murder was reported to Tripura police, they arrested him. During the investigation, the body was found near his home after about 3 hours of search. Later, police sent the body for a physical examination.

On further investigation, his wife told police that he always used to beat her. Neighbors also informed the police about their relations at home. Almost every day they used to hear the noise of violence from their home.

Police said media, “All the testimony has been recorded, and the main suspect in the case has also been taken into custody. The only way to determine the true cause of death is through a postmortem.”

The victim’s head and body have several injuries. But the true, cause of his death is not yet out. Police said through postmortem only they can identify the main cause of death. The man’s father also told police about his behavior with his family which was brutal.



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