A Medical Facility For Bru Refugees Is Organized By The Assam Rifles In Tripura

Bru refugees

In the North Tripura district, the Assam Rifles opened a medical camp for Bru refugees. They claim that throughout the camp, 546 refugees received free medical screenings, consultations, and medication.

Under the direction of Inspector General Assam Rifles, the Radhanagar Battalion of the Agartala Sector Assam Rifles arranged the medical camp in Kaskaupara. The Radhanagar Battalion’s Commandant and Chief Medical Officer inaugurated the medical camp in the region.

Their main goal was to provide free medication, medical advice, and referrals for specialist care/surgery if necessary. Additionally, all refugees have had basic medical examinations by doctors.

According to the official release, the rehabilitation center’s administrator and all of the refugees have thanked the Assam Rifles for helping the Bru refugees.



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