A one-day Gau Seva promotion, medical, and health camp was organized by animal welfare activist Apoorva Tripathi and the Epic Foundation


A notable one-day workshop aimed at enhancing cow care was led by Apoorva Tripathi, a prominent figure in animal welfare in Uttar Pradesh, in partnership with the Epic Foundation. This impactful session was hosted at Shri Hasanand Gaushala, a respected cow sanctuary established by Bharat Ratna awardee Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, located along the scenic Mathura-Vrindavan route

The workshop provided local villagers with comprehensive information on cow rearing practices and introduced them to various initiatives by the organization, including the production of eco-friendly products from cow dung and the use of natural fertilizers.

Participants greatly valued the knowledge shared during the camp, especially the actionable advice on nutritional health and veterinary care for their cows. They highlighted the benefit of such programs for future problem-solving and the valuable information and services offered by the organization that could ease many aspects of their daily lives.

The organization’s team received special commendation for their empathetic approach to addressing community concerns, with members playing a pivotal role alongside distinguished guests in promising the continuation and reorganization of similar events in the future.



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