A Pioneer in Qatar’s Education Sector: The inspiring Journey of Muhammed Ashraf


Mohammed Ashraf who is a successful entrepreneur and educationist, known for his dedication to the cause of education. He was born in 1975 as the fifth of 11 children of late Aripatta Mannil Unni Moyi and Amina Arippa Mannil in Kodiyathoor, Kozhikode district. Ashraf received his education at Kodiyathoor PTM Higher Secondary School and MAMO College, Manassery, and Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mambad MES college and Farook college where he developed a passion for mathematics. He trained the children in mathematics at various entrance coaching centres in Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Wayanad districts, which later paved the way for his career in teaching.

Ashraf started his career as a residential school teacher at Dayapuram, an English medium school, where he learned the fundamentals of CBSE schooling. In 2000, he joined Chennamangaloor High School as a teacher and was later promoted to the higher secondary section in 2001, owing to his academic excellence. In 2002, he got a job as a mathematics teacher at Ideal Indian School in Qatar, which he considered as an opportunity to explore new horizons.

According to Ashraf, the turning point in his life was his decision to quit the government job and stay in Qatar despite getting the dream-like government job of the youth at that time. Due to his hard work, within a year, he was selected as the head of the mathematics department at Ideal Indian School, where he brought about revolutionary changes in the academic field. Ashraf’s stint at Ideal School from 2002 to 2008 laid the foundation for his educational institution.

Realizing the potential in the field of education, Ashraf quit his job in 2008 and turned to coaching. He observed that there were no institutions providing the best form of training to Indian students in Qatar preparing for various competitive exams. This led to the establishment of the Brilliant Education Centre in 2011. The lack of good coaching centres had resulted in Indian school students in Qatar lagging behind in competitive exams held at home, despite doing well in the CBSE board exams. Ashraf, who had experience training at various coaching centres in India, saw the potential in the field and started the institute with the aim of enabling competitive examinations in the country in a form that would be helpful for students and parents.

Brilliant Education Centre, founded by Ashraf, provides top-quality training to Indian students preparing for various competitive exams. Today, it has become a favourite destination for students and parents alike, thanks to Ashraf’s hard work and passion. He revolutionized Education opportunities of Indian students and parents in education sector and contributed significantly to its growth.

Muhammed Ashraf started the centre at a time when even prominent personalities in the entrance field in Kerala had withdrawn. However, in the first year itself, the students got admission in merit seats for NIT and IIT and medical colleges. This success paved the way for the Brilliant Group of Institutions to become a favourite destination for students and parents alike, thanks to Ashraf’s hard work and passion.

Today, Brilliant Group of Institutions has become a leading training institute for all competitive exams in India. It offers training to Indian students from Qatar itself, creating an environment where students get top-quality training from Qatar itself. Brilliant has also started training for Qualifying examinations such as SAT, IELTS for students from Qatar for admission to various institutions, including Harvard, Stanford, Singapore University, and various universities in Canada.

Today, the Brilliant Alumnis are employed at some of the world’s best organisations such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. In such a short span of time, the institutions led by Ashraf were able to bring about a revolutionary change in the field of higher education for Indian students in Qatar.

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