A Very Humble and Down to Earth Casting Director, Asim Jafri.


Due to His Simplicity nd Humbleness Asim Jafri Transitions from Casting Director to Writer-Director with ‘Insaniyat’.

Renowned casting director Asim Jafri, credited for his casting expertise in notable projects like ‘Teri Laddli Main,’ ‘Sragaal,’ ‘Chalk,’ ‘Manzar,’ ‘Safar,’ ‘Judgement,’ ‘Kahin Na Lage,’ ‘Ayaan,’ ‘Ayaan 2,’ and many more, has now taken a leap into the world of filmmaking as both the writer and director for his latest project, ‘Insaniyat.’

Jafri not only penned the script for ‘Insaniyat’ but also helmed the directorial responsibilities, showcasing his multifaceted talent in the film industry. The movie features popular YouTuber Mr. Khan in the lead role, supported by a talented ensemble including Abhilash Tiwari, Vijay Kumar Bhaskar, and Durgesh Mishra in pivotal roles.

Set against the backdrop of Kanpur, the film unfolds a compelling narrative captured through the lens of cinematographer Deva, a newcomer in the industry. The technical expertise behind the movie is steered by Ram Pratap Raju, a seasoned professional with a rich background, boasting experience in overseeing the production of 30 short films.

The entire film is shot in Kanpur, adding an authentic touch to the storytelling. The collaboration between Asim Jafri, Deva, and Ram Pratap Raju promises a unique cinematic experience for the audience.

As ‘Insaniyat’ hits the screens, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Asim Jafri for seamlessly transitioning from casting director to a versatile writer-director. Kudos also to Ram Pratap Raju for his technical prowess, Vijay Bhaskar for his commendable contribution, and Mr. Khan for his stellar performance in the lead role. Here’s to the success of ‘Insaniyat’ and the continued creative journey of Asim Jafri in the world of cinema.



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