Aadhyatmik Yatra By Mugdhaa Chandel: A Guidance To Spiritual Healing


Mugdha has a wonderful character. The biggest feature of her character Is she is full of love and so her writing. kindness, Generosity, Courage, Hard work, humility and frugality are some of her special qualities. She is Intelligent, Stunning girl, born on 24/05/1988 in Seoni MP (D/O of Dr. Archana Chandel ) Literature, Associate Professor NSCBGG Seoni (MP)

She is Aspiring Writer, Reiki Guru, Spiritual Healer, Meditation Guru, Tarot, Rune,Dream Reader, Numerology Specialist, Expert in Crystal Healing, Emotional and Relationship Counselor and skilled in many disciplines like Culinary Arts, Dance,artistry etc. & She Is The Author Of The Book “Aadhyatmik Yatra..


She have never made these poems by thinking. Never contemplated for hours by holding a pen in hand. All her poems are automatically emerged in the situations that happened to her. She have allowed them to remain in their original form, never made any corrections because all the spiritual ups and downs in her life are true. Whom she do not want to change. Today she is a spiritual guide, healer. These poems are full of turmoil, happiness and sorrow, devotion, disorientation elsewhere in Her early spiritual journey… 

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