AAI Asks Tender For Recarpeting Of Runway in Agartala


The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has invited tenders for the recarpeting of runway taxiways at the Agartala airport. This move is part of the AAI’s ongoing efforts to improve airport infrastructure and provide a safe and comfortable travel experience to passengers.

According to the tender notice, the work includes the recarpeting of the existing runway and taxiways, as well as the installation of new runway lights and associated equipment. The total area to be recarpeted is approximately 42,000 square meters. The deadline for submission of bids is set for next month, and the work is expected to be completed within a period of nine months.

About The Agartala Airport

The Agartala airport is the second busiest airport in the Northeast region after Guwahati, with a record number of passengers traveling through the airport each year. The airport is a crucial gateway for travelers to the state of Tripura and other parts of the Northeast, making the recarpeting of the runway and taxiways an important priority for the AAI.

The recarpeting of the runway and taxiways will not only enhance the safety of the airport but also provide a more comfortable travel experience to passengers. The new runway lights will also improve visibility for pilots during takeoff and landing, further enhancing the safety and efficiency of the airport.

The AAI has been investing heavily in the development of airport infrastructure in recent years, with a focus on modernizing and upgrading existing airports as well as building new ones. The recarpeting of the runway and taxiways at the Agartala airport is just one example of the AAI’s commitment to providing world-class airport facilities to passengers in India.

The AAI has also been working to improve connectivity to remote areas of the Northeast through the development of new airports and the upgrading of existing ones. This has led to an increase in tourism and economic development in the region, making it a vital part of India’s growth story.



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