Friday, February 3, 2023

Accident Of The Delhi-Bound Tripura Sundari Express


An accident involving the Delhi-bound Tripura Sundari Express occurred close to Jawaharnagar railway station in the Tripura Dhalai district. A Concrete Mixture Machine that had been trapped on the railroad track was hit by a train.

The Concrete Mixture machine was apparently at the site for the construction of a railroad overbridge and was unable to move away from the track in time, which led to the incident.

The operator of the machine and his assistant were both hurt in the collision and sent to Dhalai District Hospital. The railway officials stated that the driver’s health condition is very serious.

The Machine split into two parts, with sections of it ending up on opposite sides of the railroad track. Although it had heavy damage, the Tripura Sundari Express’s engine however being safe from destruction.

Officials from the railway arrived quickly and repaired the engine; no passenger suffered from the collision.

Faizan Khan
Faizan Khan
As a journalist, I have a responsibility to learn the full story behind every incident. I conduct research, gather data, and present it as a authentic news to the people.

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