AFSPA likely be completely lifted from Assam by November this year, says CM Sarma


Guwahati, Assam – In a landmark announcement, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma declared on Monday that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) would be completely lifted from Assam by the end of this year. This significant decision marks a major step towards normalizing the security situation in the state and fostering an environment of peace and harmony.

The AFSPA, a legislation granting special powers to security forces in designated areas, has been in effect in certain parts of Assam for several years. Its implementation aimed to combat insurgency and maintain law and order in regions affected by armed conflicts. However, the Chief Minister’s declaration signifies a positive shift in the prevailing circumstances and demonstrates the state government’s confidence in the improved security conditions.

Addressing the public, Chief Minister Sarma reiterated the government’s commitment to peace and stability in Assam. He emphasized that the complete withdrawal of AFSPA from the state would be accomplished by November. This proactive approach by the government reflects its dedication to safeguarding human rights, promoting a sense of trust, and ensuring the well-being of the citizens.

The decision to lift AFSPA entirely is a testament to the concerted efforts made by the government and security forces in effectively addressing the security challenges faced by the state. Assam has witnessed significant improvements in recent years, with a notable decrease in incidents of violence and insurgency. The decision to withdraw AFSPA is a reflection of the improved security situation and the growing confidence in the state’s ability to maintain law and order through regular policing mechanisms.

The complete withdrawal of AFSPA from Assam is expected to have far-reaching positive impacts on the socio-political landscape of the state. By removing the perception of exceptional security measures, it will foster an environment conducive to development, investment, and tourism. The move is likely to instill a sense of confidence and attract more businesses and investors to Assam, promoting economic growth and creating employment opportunities for the residents.

Moreover, the withdrawal of AFSPA will contribute to improving the image of Assam as a safe and stable state. This perception will play a vital role in attracting domestic and international tourists, boosting the tourism industry, and showcasing the state’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Tourists will feel more secure and comfortable visiting Assam without the specter of special security measures hanging over the region.

While the Chief Minister’s announcement is met with optimism and enthusiasm, it is important to recognize that the complete withdrawal of AFSPA involves meticulous planning and coordination among various stakeholders. The central government, security agencies, and local authorities will need to work closely with the state administration to ensure a smooth transition and the preservation of law and order during this period.

The process of lifting AFSPA will likely involve comprehensive assessments of the security situation in different regions of Assam. The government will need to ensure that regular policing mechanisms are robust and capable of maintaining law and order without the need for special powers granted under AFSPA. Adequate training and resources should be provided to the police forces to equip them for this responsibility.

As the year progresses, residents and observers will eagerly monitor the progress towards the full withdrawal of AFSPA, anticipating the restoration of normalcy and peace across the state. The successful implementation of this decision will serve as a significant milestone in Assam’s journey towards lasting peace and prosperity. It will signify the triumph of regular policing measures, dialogue, and reconciliation over extraordinary security measures.

The announcement made by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma regarding the complete withdrawal of AFSPA from Assam by the end of this year is a testament to the improving security conditions in the state. The decision showcases the government’s commitment to peace, stability, and the protection of human rights.



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