Agartala Mayor Dipak Majumder Takes Oath as MLA for 7-Ramnagar

Manik Saha

Dipak Majumder, the esteemed Mayor of Agartala Municipal Corporation, has officially taken the oath as the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the 7-Ramnagar constituency. This significant event follows the untimely passing of the former MLA, Surajit Dutta, whose contributions to the region left an indelible mark on the community.

In a ceremony marked by both solemnity and anticipation, Majumder pledged his commitment to the constituents of 7-Ramnagar. Emphasizing the need for continued progress, he articulated his vision for development as the cornerstone of his legislative agenda. The newly appointed MLA underscored his dedication to improving infrastructure, enhancing public services, and fostering economic growth within the constituency.

Majumder, whose tenure as Mayor has been characterized by substantial urban development initiatives, assured his supporters that his transition to the legislative role would amplify his efforts toward comprehensive development. He highlighted the importance of a collaborative approach, inviting community members, local leaders, and stakeholders to participate actively in shaping the future of 7-Ramnagar.

During his address, Majumder paid tribute to Surajit Dutta, acknowledging his legacy and vowing to uphold the standards set by his predecessor. He expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him by the voters and reiterated his promise to prioritize their needs and aspirations. His speech resonated with themes of unity, progress, and the collective effort required to drive meaningful change.

As the Mayor of Agartala, Majumder has been instrumental in various projects aimed at modernizing the city. His administration has focused on improving public amenities, ensuring efficient waste management, and promoting sustainable development. His legislative agenda for 7-Ramnagar reflects a continuation of these efforts, with an added emphasis on addressing the unique challenges faced by the constituency.

The ceremony concluded with a renewed sense of optimism among the attendees, who expressed confidence in Majumder’s leadership. His dual roles as Mayor and MLA are expected to bring a synergistic approach to governance, benefiting both the city of Agartala and the 7-Ramnagar constituency. With development as his declared priority, Majumder embarks on this new chapter with a clear mandate to advance the well-being of his constituents and drive the region toward a prosperous future.



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