AIUDF Chief Accuses Opponent of ‘Gunda Raj’ in Dhubri Election Battle

Badruddin Ajmal

AIUDF Chief Badruddin Ajmal has ramped up his election campaign in the Dhubri Lok Sabha constituency, leveling serious allegations against his opponent Rakibul Hussain. Ajmal, in his recent speeches, has accused Hussain of engaging in what he termed as ‘gunda raj’ or hooliganism, further claiming that the Congress party, to which Hussain belongs, is complicit in disenfranchisement and corruption.

In a fervent bid to sway public opinion in his favor, Ajmal has vehemently criticized Hussain, portraying him as unfit for public office due to his alleged involvement in criminal activities. The AIUDF Chief’s accusations have stirred controversy and drawn attention to the political dynamics unfolding in Dhubri ahead of the elections.

During his campaign rallies, Ajmal has not minced words in condemning what he perceives as the Congress party’s failure to address issues of governance and accountability. He has asserted that Hussain’s purported actions exemplify the prevailing ‘gunda raj’ in the region, painting a grim picture of lawlessness and misconduct under the Congress’s watch.

Ajmal’s vocal criticism of his political rival comes at a crucial juncture in the electoral race, with both candidates vying for the support of voters in Dhubri. The AIUDF Chief’s remarks reflect the heightened tensions and fierce competition characterizing the electoral landscape in the constituency.

Meanwhile, Hussain has refuted Ajmal’s allegations, dismissing them as baseless and politically motivated. The Congress candidate has sought to defend his reputation and integrity, emphasizing his commitment to serving the interests of the people and upholding democratic values.

As the election campaign unfolds, the exchange of accusations and counterclaims between Ajmal and Hussain underscores the high stakes involved in the contest for political power in Dhubri. The electorate faces the challenge of discerning truth from rhetoric as they evaluate the competing narratives put forth by the rival candidates.

In the midst of escalating tensions and mudslinging, voters in Dhubri find themselves confronted with critical decisions that will shape the future direction of their constituency. Against the backdrop of intense political maneuvering, the electorate must weigh the allegations and promises made by candidates before casting their votes in the upcoming elections.



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