APSC Cash-for-Job Scam: Two Civil Servants Detained by SIT


In a significant development, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) detains two civil servants, Shahjahan Sarkar and Aishwarya Jeevan Baruah, in connection to the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) cash-for-job scam. The arrests follow the indictment of 34 officers by the Justice (retired) Biplab Sarma Inquiry Commission.

Background of the APSC Cash-for-Job Scandal

The APSC cash-for-job scandal came to light in 2016, raising concerns about the integrity of the recruitment process. The Justice Biplab Sarma Inquiry Commission was subsequently formed to investigate the matter. The recent arrests indicate progress in addressing the irregularities and malpractices identified during the examination.

Details of the Arrests

The detained officers, both from the 2013 batch, were apprehended from their residences in Guwahati on Tuesday midnight. Shahjahan Sarkar and Aishwarya Jeevan Baruah are now undergoing interrogation as part of the ongoing investigation.

Justice Biplab Sarma Inquiry Commission’s Findings

The commission’s report explicitly highlighted abnormalities and malpractices in the examination process. It identified incorrect selection techniques that affected 37 candidates. The arrests are a crucial step in holding those involved accountable for their roles in the cash-for-job scam.

The situation underscores the commitment to ensuring transparency and fairness in the recruitment procedures of government institutions, with further actions expected as the investigation unfolds.



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