Arunachal: Church opens de-addiction centre from women at Namphai


It’s particularly noteworthy that this de-addiction center is focused on women. Substance abuse affects individuals from all walks of life, and it’s essential to have specialized centers that cater to the unique needs of different groups, including women. Women may face specific challenges when it comes to addiction, and having a center dedicated to their care and recovery can make a significant difference in their journey towards sobriety.

By providing a safe and supportive environment, counseling, therapy, and other necessary services, the de-addiction center can assist women in their recovery process. It can also offer them opportunities to learn life skills, receive vocational training, and access resources that can help them reintegrate into society and lead fulfilling lives free from addiction.

It’s encouraging to see the church taking an active role in addressing this important social issue and offering a helping hand to those in need. Such initiatives contribute to the overall well-being of the community and promote positive change.

In a commendable endeavor to tackle drug and substance addiction among the youth, the Miao Diocese has taken a significant step forward by inaugurating the ‘Auxilium Wellness Centre’ in Namphai, located within Arunachal Pradesh’s Chaglang district. The newly established facility specifically caters to the rehabilitation needs of girls and women, underscoring the diocese’s commitment to addressing addiction issues within the region.

The opening of the ‘Auxilium Wellness Centre’ marks a progressive initiative by the Miao Diocese to combat substance abuse effectively. By extending specialized care to females, the center acknowledges the unique challenges faced by women in their struggle against addiction. Providing a safe and supportive environment, the facility aims to empower women in their journey towards recovery and eventual reintegration into society.

At the ‘Auxilium Wellness Centre,’ individuals battling addiction will benefit from a comprehensive range of services tailored to their specific needs. The center offers counseling, therapy, and other essential treatments, fostering an environment conducive to healing and personal growth. Moreover, the facility will provide life skills training, vocational programs, and access to vital resources, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery.

The Miao Diocese’s proactive involvement in establishing the ‘Auxilium Wellness Centre’ demonstrates its commitment to the well-being of the community. By addressing the issue of addiction head-on, the diocese is not only offering hope and support to affected individuals but also contributing to the larger goal of building a healthier and drug-free society.

The significance of this initiative cannot be overstated, as addiction poses a serious threat to the youth and society at large. The establishment of a dedicated de-addiction center exclusively for women emphasizes the need for gender-specific approaches in addressing substance abuse. By recognizing the unique challenges faced by women in this context, the ‘Auxilium Wellness Centre’ takes a crucial step towards ensuring that rehabilitation services are tailored to their requirements.

The ‘Auxilium Wellness Centre’ serves as a beacon of hope for women battling addiction in the Chaglang district and surrounding areas. The Miao Diocese’s proactive efforts in combating substance abuse and providing a platform for recovery set a commendable example for other organizations and communities to follow. Through collaboration and continued support, the goal of a healthier and addiction-free society can be achieved, fostering the well-being and prosperity of individuals and communities alike.



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