Arunachal: Ex-service man rally organized by Khonsa Battalion


In a remarkable display of support for veterans and their families, the Khonsa Battalion of Assam Rifles organized a significant ex-servicemen rally in Dibrugarh, Assam. The rally, held on Thursday, aimed to reach out to veterans, veer naris (war widows), and widows from Tiprap and Longding districts of Arunachal Pradesh, extending a helping hand and showing gratitude for their service and sacrifices.

The event brought together a diverse group of ex-servicemen, their families, and esteemed members of the armed forces community. The rally provided a platform for veterans to reunite, share their experiences, and seek support for their post-service endeavors. It also served as an opportunity for the Khonsa Battalion to address the unique challenges faced by ex-servicemen and their families and offer assistance in areas such as healthcare, pensions, employment, and social welfare.

One of the primary objectives of the rally was to ensure that veterans and their families receive the recognition, respect, and support they rightfully deserve. The Khonsa Battalion and Assam Rifles understand the immense contributions made by these brave individuals in safeguarding the nation’s security and upholding its values. By organizing the rally, they aimed to create a sense of belonging, foster camaraderie, and strengthen the bond between

veterans and the armed forces community.

During the event, various initiatives were undertaken to cater to the specific needs of the ex-servicemen. Special attention was given to veer naris and widows, who often face unique challenges as they cope with the loss of their loved ones. The rally included sessions on counseling, healthcare services, and financial guidance to ensure their well-being and assist them in leading dignified lives.

Additionally, the rally provided a platform for government agencies, NGOs, and other organizations to connect with the ex-servicemen community and offer their support. Employment opportunities, vocational training programs, and entrepreneurship initiatives were discussed, with the aim of empowering veterans and assisting them in their transition to civilian life.

The ex-servicemen rally organized by the Khonsa Battalion in Dibrugarh showcased the commitment of the armed forces in nurturing and supporting the well-being of veterans and their families. It highlighted the importance of recognizing and honoring the sacrifices made by these individuals, ensuring that they receive the necessary care, respect, and assistance

to thrive beyond their years of service.

Such initiatives not only have a profound impact on the lives of ex-servicemen but also contribute to the overall development of the communities they belong to. They foster a spirit of gratitude, patriotism, and support for the armed forces while ensuring that the legacy of the veterans lives on.

The Khonsa Battalion’s ex-servicemen rally serves as a shining example of the enduring bond between the armed forces and the veterans who selflessly dedicated their lives to protect the nation. It stands as a testament to the collective efforts to create a society that values and cares for its heroes, recognizing their immeasurable contributions and providing a foundation for a brighter future.



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