Arunachal Police’s Khoya Paya Abhiyaan Returns Stolen Phones

Returns Stolen Phones

In an initiative, the Arunachal Pradesh Police have undertaken the “Khoya Paya Abhiyaan,” returning stolen phones to their rightful owners. This proactive campaign aims to reunite individuals with their lost or stolen devices. Also, providing a ray of hope for those who have experienced the distress of losing valuable belongings.

The Khoya Paya Abhiyaan operates on the principle of leveraging technology to track and recover stolen phones. The police employ advanced methods and databases to identify and verify the ownership of recovered devices, ensuring a systematic and transparent process.

Individuals who have reported their phones as lost or stolen are encouraged to reach out to the Arunachal Pradesh Police to inquire about the status of their devices. The police department, equipped with the necessary tools and resources, is working diligently to match the recovered phones with the rightful owners.

This initiative not only addresses the material loss experienced by individuals but also serves as a deterrent to potential thieves. The Khoya Paya Abhiyaan sends a strong message that law enforcement is actively engaged in combating crime and facilitating the return of stolen property to the community.

Success Accomplished

The success of the campaign relies on the collaboration between law enforcement and the public. Individuals are urged to report lost or stolen phones promptly, providing essential details to aid in the recovery process. The timely reporting of such incidents enhances the effectiveness of the police department’s efforts in tracking and returning stolen devices.

The Khoya Paya Abhiyaan aligns with the broader goal of ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. By addressing the issue of stolen phones head-on, the Arunachal Pradesh Police contribute to fostering a sense of security among residents, reinforcing trust in the law enforcement agencies.

This initiative also showcases the evolving role of technology in modern policing. The use of databases, tracking systems, and other technological tools enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the recovery process. It reflects a forward-thinking approach to law enforcement that leverages innovation to better serve and protect the community.

Besides, ensuring justice and alleviating the distress of those who have fallen victim to phone theft. The proactive measures taken by the police underscore their dedication to community welfare. And, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in creating a safer and more secure environment for all.



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