Arunachal: Tangha Tang Welfare Society Backs Hamjong Tangha


In a decisive move, the Tangha Tang Welfare Society (TTWS) convened an emergency meeting on February 2, 2024, in Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh. Led by the Society’s President, the meeting aimed to formalize the organization’s endorsement for the upcoming Assembly Election 2024.

Unanimous Support for Hamjong Tangha

Following a comprehensive evaluation of ground realities and considering the interests of the Society and the constituency, the TTWS Executive Body unanimously decided to throw its support behind Hamjong Tangha, an aspiring candidate from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), for the 52-Changlang South (ST) Assembly Constituency.

The endorsement reflects the Society’s conviction that a change in leadership is imperative. The incumbent MLA, representing the Muklom tribe for the past 25 years, faces accusations of neglecting crucial aspects such as human resource development, infrastructure projects, and road connectivity.

The TTWS is adamant about fielding and supporting only one candidate from the Tangha clan – Hamjong Tangha. This decision is grounded in his strong grassroots presence and commitment to addressing the constituency’s pressing issues.

The 52-Changlang South (ST) Assembly Constituency boasts approximately 6,000 voters from various Tangsa sub-tribes, including Jugli, Muklom, Havi, and Tutsa. Among these, the Muklom tribe holds a dominant voter base of around 3,500. The Tangha clan within the Muklom community, comprising approximately 2,000 voters, is pivotal in shaping election outcomes.

The endorsement of Hamjong Tangha by the TTWS is seen as critical for his success in the upcoming elections. The Society appeals to the BJP High Command in Arunachal Pradesh to grant the party ticket to Hamjong Tangha, emphasizing the need to break the 25-year dominance of the current MLA and usher in a new era of development for the constituency.



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