Ashok Kumar Sankhla – “Exploring the Impact of Religious Tourism: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions”


Religious places can really affect tourism and society in different ways:

Heritage Tourism: Many religious spots are really old and have a lot of history and culture. This makes them interesting for tourists who want to learn about the past of a place.

Cultural Exchange: People from all over come to religious places. They might have different backgrounds, but they share an interest in spirituality. This gives them a chance to learn from each other.

Economic Benefits: When people visit religious spots, they spend money on things like food and places to stay. This helps the local economy by creating jobs and bringing in money.

Social Togetherness: Religious places can bring people together. They give people a chance to talk about their beliefs and understand each other better. This can help different groups get along.

Building Stuff: Because lots of people visit religious places, there’s a need for better roads, hotels, and other things. This helps both tourists and local people.

But there are also challenges with religious tourism:

Too Many People: Sometimes, too many tourists can crowd religious places. This takes away from the peacefulness and spirituality of the spot.

Cultural Problems: People from different cultures might not understand each other’s ways. This can cause problems or fights.

Harming Nature: Lots of tourists visiting a place can hurt the environment. They might leave trash behind or harm natural areas.

It’s important to deal with these challenges well so that tourism can keep helping everyone without causing problems.

Ashok Kumar Sankhla
CEO, Mela Development Authority, Tourism Department, Jaipur, Rajasthan.



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