Asish Saha Files Nomination: West Tripura Parliamentary Seat


Asish Kumar Saha, the Congress candidate for the West Tripura Parliamentary seat, took a significant step forward on Wednesday by filing his nomination for the impending Lok Sabha polls.

Saha underscored the crucial nature of the upcoming Lok Sabha election, emphasizing its role in the restoration of democracy and the preservation of constitutional values.

In his inaugural Lok Sabha election endeavor, Saha stressed the urgent necessity of safeguarding democracy and upholding constitutional principles.

Backed by the INDI alliance, Left Front, and three other parties, Saha expressed confidence in his candidacy and vowed to confront those whom he accused of exploiting the nation over the past decade.

Accompanied by prominent leaders such as Supriya Shrinate, Jitendra Chowdhury, Sudip Roy Barman, and Gopal Roy, Saha filed his nomination amidst a rally, symbolizing unity across party lines in his pursuit.

Expressing concern over what he termed the “erosion of rights” in Tripura, Saha highlighted the imperative for nationwide concerted efforts to safeguard democracy.

Saha condemned the alleged tactics employed by the BJP to instill fear and maintain power in Tripura, asserting that the electorate is eager to resist such coercion.



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