Assam: 39 Adivasi rebels lay down arms in Bokajan


In a significant development for peace and stability in the region, 39 members of the Adivasi People’s Liberation Army (APLA) chose the path of peace by laying down their weapons during a solemn ceremony held at the Bokajan police station in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district.

The event, which took place on Friday, witnessed the Assam Rifles and Assam Police playing a pivotal role in facilitating the surrender of these rebels. Their decision to renounce violence and embrace a peaceful existence has been hailed as a positive step towards fostering harmony and promoting the well-being of the local community.

The Adivasi rebels, who had once been engaged in armed activities, voluntarily turned in an array of weapons and ammunition, symbolizing their commitment to a new chapter of their lives. This act of surrender is a testament to their desire to contribute positively to the development and progress of the region.

Speaking at the ceremony, officials from the security forces commended the courage and wisdom displayed by the rebels in choosing the path of peace. They emphasized that the surrender would open doors for these individuals to reintegrate into society, leading fulfilling lives as law-abiding citizens.

The event held great significance for the local population as well. The surrender of these rebels will undoubtedly contribute to a more peaceful environment, providing a sense of relief and security for the residents of Bokajan and the surrounding areas. It also offers hope for the eradication of violence and the establishment of lasting peace in the region.

Efforts are already underway to support the surrendered rebels in their transition to civilian life. Rehabilitation programs, including skill development training and counseling, will be provided to assist them in their journey towards a brighter and more productive future. By offering these avenues of support, the authorities aim to ensure the sustainable reintegration of the former rebels into society.

This positive development in Bokajan sends a powerful message, reinforcing the belief that dialogue, understanding, and compassion can overcome years of conflict. It stands as a shining example for other dissident groups, demonstrating that peaceful resolutions are always attainable through sincere efforts and a commitment to a shared vision of peace.

As the surrendered rebels begin their journey of transformation, it is hoped that their decision will inspire others to follow suit and actively contribute to the region’s progress and harmony. The authorities remain committed to fostering an environment that encourages dialogue and peaceful coexistence, further bolstering the aspirations of a united and prosperous Assam.



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