Assam: 77 Vials of Suspected Heroin Seized, 4 Arrested in Guwahati Raid


Assam’s Special Task Force conducted a raid near Khanapara AC Bus Stand under Dispur Police Station’s jurisdiction. During the operation, law enforcement officials seized 77 vials of suspected heroin. The raid resulted in the apprehension of four individuals suspected of drug peddling and theft.

The operation, which took place in the heart of Guwahati, aimed to crack down on illegal drug activities in the area. Acting on intelligence inputs, the Special Task Force deployed a team of officers to carry out the raid. Upon reaching the targeted location, the officers swiftly conducted a search, leading to the discovery of the contraband.

The seized vials, believed to contain heroin, are currently undergoing forensic analysis to confirm their composition. Preliminary investigations suggest that the suspects were involved in the illicit trafficking of narcotics in the region. The apprehended individuals have been taken into custody for further interrogation and legal proceedings.

The successful raid and subsequent arrests highlight the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat drug-related crimes in Assam. The Special Task Force, along with local police authorities, remains vigilant in its efforts to curb the illegal drug trade and ensure the safety and security of the community.

Drug trafficking poses a significant threat to public health and safety, fueling addiction, crime, and social instability. By taking decisive action against drug peddlers and suppliers, authorities aim to disrupt the flow of illicit substances and dismantle criminal networks operating in the region.

The seizure of 77 vials of suspected heroin underscores the magnitude of the problem and the need for continued vigilance and proactive enforcement measures. The authorities urge the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to drug trafficking to the police.

As investigations into the case continue, authorities are determined to apprehend all individuals involved in illegal drug activities and bring them to justice. The seizure of the suspected heroin and the arrest of the four suspects send a strong message that drug trafficking will not be tolerated in Assam, and those found guilty will face severe consequences under the law.



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