Assam Church Denies Forceful Conversions Allegations

Iswar Prem

Amidst allegations of forceful conversions, Iswar Prem Baptist Church in Margherita, Assam, has vehemently denied the accusations. Pastor Indra Gurung, the spiritual leader of the church, stood firm in refuting all claims of coercive conversion. He emphasized that every individual who attends their services does so willingly and without any undue influence.

The controversy arose after some local residents raised concerns about alleged forceful conversions happening within the church premises. These claims sparked a heated debate in the community and drew attention from local authorities. However, Pastor Indra Gurung was quick to address these allegations, stating that they were entirely baseless and unfounded.

According to Pastor Gurung, Iswar Prem Baptist Church has always operated with transparency and integrity. They uphold the principles of religious freedom and respect the beliefs of individuals from all walks of life. The church serves as a place of worship and spiritual guidance for those who seek it, without any compulsion or pressure to convert.

Furthermore, Pastor Gurung emphasized that the church’s primary mission is to spread love, compassion, and goodwill among the community. They engage in various social welfare activities, such as providing food and shelter to the needy, organizing health camps, and offering educational assistance to underprivileged children. These efforts are aimed at uplifting the community and fostering harmony among its members.

In response to the allegations, local authorities conducted a thorough investigation to ascertain the veracity of the claims. After examining the evidence and interviewing witnesses, they found no evidence to support the allegations of forceful conversions. The authorities urged all parties involved to maintain peace and harmony in the community and refrain from spreading misinformation or inciting violence.

Pastor Indra Gurung reiterated the church’s commitment to promoting religious harmony and coexistence in the region. He urged the community to come together in solidarity and mutual respect, regardless of religious differences. The church remains open to dialogue and cooperation with local authorities and community leaders to address any concerns or misunderstandings effectively.

Iswar Prem Baptist Church in Margherita, Assam, has categorically denied allegations of forceful conversions. Pastor Indra Gurung reaffirmed the church’s commitment to upholding religious freedom and fostering goodwill in the community. The authorities’ investigation found no evidence to substantiate the claims, underscoring the importance of maintaining peace and harmony in the region.



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