Assam citizens’ group asks Manipur govt to act impartially to bring back normalcy to state


Axom Nagrik Samaj (ANS), a civil society organization in Assam, has called on the Manipur government to take swift and impartial action to restore peace and normalcy in the state. The ANS emphasizes the urgency of addressing the escalating violence and unrest that has gripped Manipur, urging the government to act promptly and without bias.

The deteriorating situation in Manipur has raised alarm among citizens, leading the ANS to express deep concern. While specific details of the violence were not mentioned in their statement, the citizens’ group emphasizes the need for immediate government intervention. The ANS highlights the importance of impartiality, calling for measures that address the concerns of all affected communities.

The ANS’s plea for prompt action reflects the growing anxiety among citizens witnessing the disturbing turn of events in Manipur. The organization emphasizes the need to restore peace, security, and stability. By urging the Manipur government to act swiftly, the ANS intends to support and contribute its expertise to resolving the ongoing crisis. The citizens’ group emphasizes the significance of impartiality in ensuring that government measures prioritize the well-being and safety of all citizens, regardless of their backgrounds.

While specific actions were not outlined in the ANS statement, it is anticipated that they may include increased security presence, enhanced communication channels, community engagement initiatives, and efforts to address the root causes of the violence. These measures could play a crucial role in restoring normalcy and fostering peace in Manipur. The ANS encourages open dialogue and collaboration among all stakeholders to ensure lasting solutions and a brighter future for the state.

As the situation unfolds, the ANS remains hopeful that the Manipur government will respond promptly and impartially to their plea. The citizens’ group looks forward to seeing diligent efforts to restore normalcy and create an environment of peace and unity. Open dialogue and cooperation among all parties involved will be vital in achieving lasting solutions for the people of Manipur.

As concerned individuals and organizations eagerly await updates, they hope for a swift resolution and an end to the violence that has impacted the lives of many in Manipur.



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