Assam: Forensic experts visit SI Junmoni Rabha’s accident site after three weeks


Guwahati: Nearly three weeks after the mysterious demise of Sub-Inspector Junmoni Rabha, a team of forensic science experts has been called in to support the ongoing investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Assam. The inclusion of these specialists aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the sub-inspector’s untimely death.

Sub-Inspector Junmoni Rabha was found deceased under suspicious circumstances on [Date of Incident] in [Location]. The incident has raised concerns and garnered significant attention within the local community and law enforcement agencies. As the investigation progressed, the involvement of forensic experts has become crucial in unraveling the truth behind Rabha’s tragic demise.

The team of forensic science experts, known for their proficiency in analyzing crime scenes and gathering scientific evidence, arrived in Guwahati on Wednesday to collaborate with the CID. Their expertise will aid in examining the accident site, collecting and analyzing physical evidence, and conducting thorough forensic examinations to uncover any potential leads or clues related to the case.

The decision to involve forensic experts underscores the commitment of the authorities to ensure a comprehensive and unbiased investigation. By utilizing scientific methodologies and cutting-edge forensic techniques, the team aims to piece together the sequence of events leading to Sub-Inspector Junmoni Rabha’s death. Their objective is to gather irrefutable evidence that will assist the investigators in determining whether foul play was involved or if the incident was indeed an accident.

The CID, along with the forensic experts, will collaborate closely to meticulously analyze all available information, including witness statements, CCTV footage, and any other relevant data. Additionally, they will conduct a detailed examination of the accident site to identify potential anomalies or inconsistencies that may have occurred during the incident.

The inclusion of the forensic science experts brings renewed hope to the investigation, instilling confidence among the public that no stone will be left unturned in the pursuit of justice. Their findings will serve as a critical component in the comprehensive assessment of the case and may provide crucial insights for the CID to further advance their inquiries.

As the investigation progresses with the assistance of these forensic experts, the public eagerly awaits the outcome, hoping that it will bring clarity and closure to the mysterious death of Sub-Inspector Junmoni Rabha. The authorities are committed to conducting a thorough and unbiased investigation, ensuring that justice is served and the truth prevails.



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