Assam: Former BJP MLA Asshok Sarma Alleges Conspiracy By New Party Memebers To Undermine Old Ones

MLA Ashok Sarma alleges conspiracy by new party memebers

Guwahati, Assam: In a recent development, Ashok Sarma, a prominent BJP leader and former MLA of Nalbari, has come forward with allegations of harmful actions being perpetrated by certain new members within the party. Sarma expressed concerns about these individuals attempting to undermine the unity and objectives of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the region.

Citing his experience and deep involvement with the party, Sarma voiced his apprehensions regarding the intentions and actions of these newly inducted members. According to him, their alleged conspiracy aims to destabilize the established order within the party, creating division and discord among party members.

The former MLA highlighted the importance of maintaining the party’s integrity and solidarity, emphasizing the need to uphold the BJP’s core values and principles. He warned that the disruptive actions of a few individuals could have far-reaching consequences, potentially tarnishing the image and efficacy of the BJP in Assam.

Sarma’s allegations have sparked a debate within the party, with some members questioning the validity of his claims and urging for a thorough investigation into the matter. Others have expressed solidarity with Sarma and echoed his concerns, emphasizing the need for party leaders to address the issue promptly.

As the BJP in Assam continues to play a crucial role in the political landscape, these allegations raise questions about the party’s internal dynamics and the potential impact on its overall functioning. The BJP leadership now faces the task of addressing these concerns and ensuring that the party remains united and focused on its goals, especially in the run-up to the upcoming elections.

While it is essential to note that these allegations are based on Sarma’s personal observations and experiences, they serve as a reminder of the challenges faced by political parties in managing their internal affairs. The BJP’s response to these allegations will undoubtedly shape its future trajectory in Assam and determine its ability to maintain a strong and cohesive presence in the region.

As this situation continues to develop, political analysts and observers are closely monitoring the BJP’s response, which will shed further light on the veracity of Sarma’s allegations and the potential consequences for the party’s unity and electoral prospects in Assam.



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