Assam: Gauhati High Court Lawyers’ Body To Hold Protest Against Shifting Of HC To City Outskirts

Guahati High Court lawyers Assam

The Gauhati High Court Bar Association has announced its intention to stage a protest on Monday in response to the proposed relocation of the Gauhati High Court to the city outskirts in Guwahati.

The association, representing lawyers practicing in the Gauhati High Court, has expressed concerns regarding the potential move. They argue that shifting the High Court to the outskirts of the city would cause inconvenience to both legal practitioners and litigants, as it would significantly increase travel time and expenses.

The protest aims to draw attention to the adverse effects of such a relocation and to advocate for the retention of the High Court within the central area of Guwahati. Lawyers from various law firms and chambers are expected to participate in the demonstration, demonstrating their united stance against the proposed decision.

The Gauhati High Court Bar Association has been actively engaging with stakeholders and authorities to discuss their concerns and explore alternative solutions that would preserve the accessibility and efficiency of the judicial system. They have called for a comprehensive evaluation of the potential repercussions before any final decision is made.

The proposed relocation has sparked a lively debate within the legal community and among citizens who believe that keeping the High Court within the city limits would ensure greater accessibility and convenience for all stakeholders involved in the judicial process.

As the date of the protest approaches, all eyes are on the Gauhati High Court Bar Association and their efforts to convey their message effectively. The association hopes that their collective voice will be heard, and that the concerns raised will be seriously considered before any irreversible steps are taken.



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