Assam: Government Initiatives for Social Welfare and Development


In a significant step towards enhancing the socio-economic well-being of its citizens, the Assam state government, led by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, is making noteworthy strides in various sectors. A recent event in Gohpur saw Assam Cabinet Minister Pijush Hazarika distributing ration cards as part of a comprehensive program aimed at benefiting a substantial portion of the state’s population.

The initiative involves the distribution of a staggering 10,73,490 ration cards, specifically targeting individuals with an annual income below Rs 4 lakh. Minister Hazarika highlighted that this would benefit 42,85,745 beneficiaries, providing them with 5 kg of rice free of cost. This move is expected to extend the reach of essential food supplies to approximately 2 crore people across Assam.

An integral aspect of this initiative is the linkage between the ration card and the Chief Minister’s Ayushman card. Recipients of the ration card are entitled to the Ayushman card, offering medical care coverage of up to Rs 5 lakh annually for each family member. This dual-benefit approach not only addresses food security concerns but also strives to improve access to healthcare services.

Furthermore, the government is actively investing in infrastructure development. Minister Hazarika announced over Rs 100 crore allocated for road development in Gohpur. Additionally, the construction of a flood safety dam at a cost of approximately Rs 19.95 crore is underway to mitigate longstanding flooding issues in Central Chatrang. These initiatives align with the government’s commitment to holistic development and addressing the pressing needs of the population.

One of the noteworthy announcements during the event was the promise of government jobs for 1,35,000 youth in the state. Minister Hazarika emphasized the shift towards a transparent and merit-based selection process, contrasting it with the challenges faced during the previous administration. This commitment to providing employment opportunities based on meritocracy reflects the government’s dedication to fostering inclusive growth.

The Arunodoy scheme, a financial assistance program, has already provided support to 27 lakh families with a monthly grant of Rs 1,250. Minister Hazarika hinted at an increase in this financial benefit to Rs 1,450 per month in the near future, signaling the government’s commitment to improving the economic conditions of its citizens.

The event in Gohpur was attended by various dignitaries, including Tezpur MP Pallav Lochan Das, local MLA Utpal Bora, the Biswanath district commissioner, and the superintendent of police. Their presence underscores the collaborative effort between the government and local representatives to ensure the successful implementation of these crucial initiatives.

The ongoing efforts of the Assam state government demonstrate a comprehensive approach to addressing the diverse needs of its citizens. From ensuring food security and healthcare access to infrastructure development and job creation, these initiatives collectively contribute to the vision of making Assam one of the top-performing states in the country.



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