Assam; Junior Engineer Arrested In Kokrajhar For Bribery

Junior engineer arrested

Guwahati, Assam – In a major crackdown against corruption, the Vigilance Department successfully conducted an operation leading to the arrest of a Junior Engineer in Kokrajhar for alleged involvement in bribery. The accused, whose identity is being withheld for legal purposes, was apprehended following a meticulously planned operation.

Acting on credible information received by the department, a team of Vigilance officials, including investigators and law enforcement personnel, carried out the operation in Kokrajhar. The Junior Engineer was suspected of demanding illegal gratification in exchange for facilitating the approval of construction projects within the region.

Undercover officers, equipped with hidden cameras and recording devices, met with the accused at a pre-determined location. The Junior Engineer was allegedly caught red-handed accepting a bribe from a representative of a construction company seeking permissions for a project. The evidence gathered during the operation, including video and audio recordings, serves as crucial proof of the engineer’s illicit activities.

The arrest of the Junior Engineer has sent shockwaves through the local administration and construction industry, exposing the persistent issue of corruption within the region. Such incidents not only undermine public trust in government institutions but also hinder the development and progress of the community.

The Vigilance Department has been proactive in its efforts to curb corruption and restore transparency in public service. The arrest serves as a stern warning to those involved in such malpractices and highlights the government’s commitment to ensuring accountability and good governance.

Following the arrest, the accused will be subjected to a thorough investigation, and if found guilty, will face appropriate legal consequences. The Vigilance Department has urged citizens to come forward with any information related to corrupt practices, assuring them of complete confidentiality and protection.

The successful operation conducted by the Vigilance Department is a significant step towards eradicating corruption from Assam’s administrative machinery. It demonstrates the government’s dedication to creating a clean and corruption-free environment, ultimately fostering progress and prosperity for the state and its residents.



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