Assam Lok Sabha Polls: Train Cancellations Leave Karimganj Voters Stranded


Hundreds of voters, mainly from Karimganj, a Muslim-majority constituency in Assam, were left stranded at Lumding railway station, unable to participate in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Sudden Train Cancellations

The unexpected cancellation of trains led to this unfortunate situation, leaving voters feeling distressed and helpless. Many had traveled long distances to exercise their democratic right, only to face disappointment upon reaching the station.

Karimganj, situated in the southern part of Assam, holds considerable political significance, primarily due to its demographic composition. The region’s electoral outcomes often reflect the sentiments and preferences of its diverse population.

Karimganj is one of the five constituencies in Assam that went to polls in the second phase of Lok Sabha elections on April 26. Voters were eager to cast their ballots and contribute to the democratic process.

As the voting process continues for the second phase of Lok Sabha elections in five constituencies of Assam, the plight of stranded voters remains a concern. Efforts are being made to address the logistical challenges and ensure that every eligible voter can exercise their franchise.

Karimganj is notable for its substantial Muslim voter population, accounting for more than 55.7% of the total electorate. The community’s participation in the electoral process is crucial in shaping the political landscape of the region.

The disruption caused by train cancellations has hindered the democratic rights of voters in Karimganj, highlighting the challenges faced during the electoral process. It underscores the need for better infrastructure and contingency plans to prevent such incidents in the future.



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