Assam: Man Arrested For Torturing Four-Year-Old Son In Digboi

Man arrested for torturing 4-yr-old son in Digboi


In a distressing incident that has sent shockwaves through the community, a man residing in Digboi, a town in the Tinsukia district of Assam, has been apprehended by authorities for the alleged heinous and mental torture inflicted upon his own four-year-old son. The horrifying case of child abuse has shed light on the importance of safeguarding the welfare of vulnerable children and has sparked outrage across the region.

Details of the Incident:

According to local law enforcement, the accused, whose identity is being withheld for legal reasons, was taken into custody following a tip-off from concerned neighbors who reported witnessing distressing scenes of maltreatment. Preliminary investigations suggest that the young child had been subjected to inhumane treatment and sustained severe mental and physical trauma at the hands of his own father.

The aftermath of the arrest:

Upon the father’s arrest, the child was immediately removed from the harmful environment and placed under the care of child protection services. The authorities are working diligently to ensure the child’s well-being, providing him with the necessary medical attention and counseling to help recover from the traumatic experience.

Community Outrage and Calls for Action:

The shocking revelations of this incident have ignited widespread outrage among the local community, who demand swift and stringent action against the perpetrator. Concerned citizens, child rights organizations, and activists are rallying together to raise awareness about child abuse and advocate for stricter measures to protect children from such atrocities.

Legal Proceedings and Support Systems:

The accused has been charged under relevant sections of the law pertaining to child abuse and cruelty. The legal process will commence as authorities gather evidence to build a strong case against the perpetrator. Additionally, efforts are being made to provide adequate support to the victim and ensure that his rights are safeguarded throughout the legal proceedings.

Importance of Child Protection:

This distressing incident serves as a stark reminder of the critical need to prioritize child protection and create a safe environment for children to grow and thrive. It highlights the necessity for robust child welfare policies, increased awareness, and proactive community involvement to prevent and address cases of child abuse effectively.


The shocking case of child abuse in Digboi, Assam, has brought to the forefront the harrowing reality faced by some vulnerable children. The arrest of the alleged perpetrator marks an important step towards justice, but it also emphasizes the urgent need for society as a whole to remain vigilant in protecting the rights and well-being of children. It is crucial that the incident serves as a catalyst for comprehensive measures to prevent such heinous acts and create a safer future for children across the region.



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