Assam Plans Reserved Forest Areas for Conservation and Sustainability


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma convened a crucial meeting to deliberate on the establishment of reserved forest areas across the state. The initiative aims to bolster the region’s green cover while carefully addressing the needs of local communities.

During the meeting, Sarma emphasized the significance of preserving and expanding forested areas to mitigate environmental challenges and safeguard biodiversity. The proposed reserved forest areas are intended to serve as vital ecosystems that support wildlife habitats and enhance ecological resilience.

Sarma outlined the government’s commitment to sustainable development practices that harmonize conservation efforts with socio-economic considerations. He stressed the importance of maintaining a delicate balance between environmental protection and the livelihoods of indigenous communities dependent on forest resources.

“We are dedicated to creating reserved forest areas that not only protect our natural heritage but also ensure sustainable development,” Sarma affirmed. He highlighted the need for collaborative efforts involving local stakeholders, government agencies, and environmental experts to achieve these objectives effectively.

The Chief Minister also underscored the role of technology and scientific expertise in mapping out these reserved forest areas. This approach aims to leverage modern tools to accurately delineate boundaries and monitor forest health, thereby facilitating informed decision-making and proactive conservation measures.

Furthermore, Sarma discussed the implementation of community-based conservation models that empower local communities to participate actively in forest management and biodiversity conservation. This participatory approach is envisioned to foster a sense of ownership among residents while promoting sustainable practices that benefit both people and nature.

In conclusion, Sarma reiterated Assam’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development through the establishment of reserved forest areas. The initiative aligns with broader efforts to combat climate change, preserve natural habitats, and ensure the well-being of future generations.

The discussions and plans unveiled during this meeting signify a significant step forward in Assam’s conservation efforts, marking a proactive stance towards environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation in the region.



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